1962 Magnatone rebuild

One of the burdens yet occasional beauties of living in a rural place is the weekly trip to the dump. Without curbside trash pickup all household waste management responsibilities are yours alone. And sometimes you'll find the damnedest things among other people's refuse. That's how I ended owning this amplifier despite the fact that she did not look or sound like some guitar shop vintage gem when I hauled her home. The original plywood cabinet was rotting apart and the speakers had mold on them. In fact, when I found her at the Grundy County Convenience Center the dump steward had intentions to cut the power cord for the copper and toss the rest into the compactor- tubes, screen, and all. Running the serial number it turned out the the beleaguered little box having suffered years of neglect was built in California more than a decade before I was born. The 1962 Magnatone has the original chassis and speaker screen. The new cabinet is walnut sawn to the same dimensions as the original, finished only with Danish oil and topped with a railroad spike for a handle. But how does she sound? Like the Nine Muses on a whiskey drunk, and even in her new suit of clothes that legendary Magnatone vibrato moves with an unmistakable shimmer.